What’s new in the upcoming Syncplify.me Server! v5

Syncplify.me Server! version: 5.0.0+

While the step from v3 to v4 was somewhat “epic” (as 80%+ of the code was rewritten from scratch) the upcoming Syncplify.me Server! v5 will, instead, build upon the rock-solid foundation of v4 and expand and improve its features significantly. Version 5 will also be our most cloud-enabled version to date.

Here’s a list of some of the most important upcoming new features our users will find in Syncplify.me Server! v5:

  • New binding structure: each virtual server can bind to multiple IP addresses and ports, with concurrent support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Entirely redesigned HA (high-availability) functional model: v4 came with an extremely powerful support for HA scenarios, but it was quite an ordeal to configure high-availability, v5 instead will feature super-easy and nearly automatic HA configuration
  • New Web Configuration Manager: new features require a way to be configured, so the web configuration manager is also going to be improved
  • New Web File Transfer and Sharing Client: a web-app that works similarly to an (S)FTP client to upload and download files, with the added bonus of being capable of sharing files (kind of like DropBox) via special protected web links (URLs)
  • New VFS types: on top of the existing Disk and DiskAES256, we are adding FileContainer, FileContainerAES256, and more to come in v5.1 (like SFTPProxy, FTPSProxy, AWSS3, Azure, …)
  • New permission override on any subfolder (even nested inside virtual folders)
  • Much better Active Directory support
    • New LDAP support to query external LDAP/AD servers
    • Queries via LDAP on either sAMAccountName or userPrincipalName (or even both)
  • New per-user statistics (last login, uploaded/downloaded files and KB)
  • In addition to SSH’s standard PKI authentication (based on SSH keys) v5 will also support the brand new X.509 certificate authentication extension of the SSH protocol
  • Specific VFS.ImportFile and VFS.ExportFile functions to import and export files between encrypted VFSs and the actual underlying file system
  • Added many functions to consume cloud-based services, like:
    • New SendMailViaAWSSES function to send emails via AWS Simple Email Service
    • New SendMailViaSendGrid function to send emails via SendGrid
    • New SendToSlack function to post messages to Slack via their Incoming Web Hooks
    • Added functions to send SMS text messages via the following cloud services: Twilio, Esendex, BulkSMS, Zang (fka TelAPI)
    • New SendToExceptionless function to send messages to the Exceptionless cloud service
    • New SendViaPushover to send messages to mobile devices via the Poshover cloud service
    • New IPGeoLocation function to geographically locate clients IP addresses

The list here above is not comprehensive, in fact v5 will come with the above new features and more. And, as usual, all customers with an active subscription will receive the upgrade to v5 for free as soon as it’s released.

There is no set release date yet for v5, but we will be going BETA soon. Stay tuned!

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