Where are FtpScripter configuration and data files located?

Depending on the operating system, you can find your FtpScripter configuration files in different locations (by default).

If you’re running Windows XP or 2003 they are in:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FtpScripter\

If you’re running Windows Vista, 2008, 7, 2012, or 8, they are in:

Folders displayed above in purple are usually hidden by the operating system, in order to see them you have to configure your Windows Explorer so that it displays hidden files and folders.
Here below you can see an outline of the folder structure:


And here’s an explanation – folder by folder – of the contents:

  • Templates: this folder contains the templates used by the FtpScripter Editor to generate new and empty scripts, you can add your own templates into this folder, and the Editor will show them when the File|New action is selected
  • MetaData: this folder contains some meta-data used by the FtpScripter Editor to perform syntax highlighting and code completion proposal, it’s strongly recommended not to change the contents of this folder
  • SSHSrvKeys: this folder contains the SSH(2) server key cache used by the TSFTPClient object to validate SFTP server keys, it’s strongly recommended not to alter the contents of this folder by hand
  • FTPSSrvCerts: this folder contains the X.509 certificates used by the TFTPSClient object to validate FTPS server certificates, it’s strongly recommended not to alter the contents of this folder by hand
  • Logs: this folder stores the log files generated during the execution of scripts, if the LogToFile function is called from within a script
  • Profiles: this folder stores the profiles, managed by the FtpScripter Editor and used by the FtpScripter Execution Environment
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