Working on Server! v3.0 (teaser)

One of the most common trade-offs when aiming at maximum security is usually performance. It is pretty obvious that a secure SSL/TLS file transfer session must necessarily be slower than an insecure/unencrypted session. But security is not the only aspect that can affect performance, and during the design phase of the upcoming new version Server! we did our best to eliminate all possible bottlenecks that weren’t related to security features.

But we actually did much more than that. Here’s an outline of some of the new features that you will see in Server! v3.0 (although the following list is not comprehensive, more new features will be announced in another post that will follow this one in few days):

  • The main file transfer server (FTPS/SFTP) and its logging subsystem will run in two separate processes – see below the amazing increase in performance!
  • Also, the log files will be in standard W3C format, therefore it will be possible to analyze them with your favorite log analyzer
  • Virtual instances will allow you to run multiple instances of Server! in a single Operating System or Virtual Machine (each instance bound to a different IP address): ideal for multi-homed configurations
  • Remote configuration thanks to a completely redesigned Configuration Manager that won’t be a Windows app anymore, but an HTML5 web-app running over a secure HTTPS connection
  • Complexity and expiration rules for account passwords
  • A secure file transfer client will be integrated, it will run over a secure HTTPS connection, and it will have unique features (that will be explained in a future post) thanks to its perfect integration with the Server! secure file transfer engine.
  • Redesigned configuration database, in order to simplify configuration sharing among multiple servers (for high availability, fault tolerance, and failover)

There’s actually much more than that; please, check back in a few days and you will find another article that will go over several other new features that are not covered by this one.

But let’s start with giving you a glimpse of the advantages that the new logging feature brings to the table. Nothing better than a comparison table showing the performance degradation in Server! v2.0 as opposed to v3.0 when the detail level of your log files grows.


As you can see, in v2.0 the verbose and debug log were causing a remarkable degradation in terms of performance, as a single process (that had to be forcefully synchronized) had to take care of transferring data buffers as well as accessing the shared critical section used for logging. In the rightmost column of the above table you can, instead, appreciate how Server! v3.0 can keep a sustained and blazingly fast transfer speed regardless of the log detail level used.

The following chart shows the same data in a more “visual” way.


More to come (much more!), stay tuned.

Important note

As the new version 3.0 will come with so many new features and components (even a built-in phone/tablet compatible client!) the price may be a little bit “touched up”, although this is not certain yet. But every purchase comes with a 1-year upgrade protection contract included, therefore if you buy Server! v2.0 today, you will get your upgrade to v3.0 FOR FREE when it is released!

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